Friday, February 06, 2009

My heart whispers...

For those who don't pray, and for those whose prayers serve to make them arrogant.

For those who do not read their Bibles, and for those who read to sharpen their "swords" against the imagined enemy.

For those who see no intercourse between the Bible and daily life, and for those who imagine the challenge of scripture can be condensed into a red or blue platform.

For those who are afraid of God, and those who are too chummy with God.

For those who have never experienced the Holy Spirit and because of withered hearts have prevented others from drawing near; and for those who have experienced the Holy Spirit and because of self-righteousness have prevented others from drawing near.

Let our prayers today, O God, make us meek, humble, lowly of heart, ready to serve and to see you in those we serve.


Rosemary said...

Thought provoking. It is easy to slip to one extreme or the other or to move closer to one trying to avoid the other. Does that make any sense?!

I do not know if I am counted as one of your followers - not sure what that means - but you are on my RSS feed and I never fail to check your posts. Thank you.

Goliath said...
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Goliath said...

What's the matter? Are you afraid to face someone who isn't part of your Christian flock?

Tom Steagald said...

no fear, just no real point. I face bigger giants most every day.

Goliath said...

I'd still rather burn in hell FOR ALL ETERNITY than worship the monster that is your god.

Tom Steagald said...

God may let you have your own way in that regard; then again... one of the powerful evidences of God's justice, we believe, is Karl Barth says, "God avenges himself on sin not by destroying it but by forgiving it."

God is not a monster, though some of God's followers have done monstrous things in the divine name. I am sorry for the ways we who believe misrepresent and hurt others in that way.

I am clear on your anger and hatred; are you clear on why you need to keep talking about it to me? I am not offended; you will get no rise from me about it; and I am certainly not more patient or loving than God.