Friday, August 14, 2009

Chester and Me

On Wednesday we found out that our beloved bulldog, Chester, has a very bad bladder cancer. The doctor is saying he has six months at most, which is to say that we have six months at most to enjoy and celebrate him. He has been a most wonderful pet, an important member of our family, a singular joy to us in so many ways. Some days he was all we could agree on. He has tended us when we were sick, brightened our darkest days, and we will do our best to return the grace.

We are all very, very sad. Jacob, our son, had to hear the news alone.

Those of you who have had "sp's," significant pets, know how heart-rending such news and loss is.

The good news is that Chester does not act right now as if he feels all that bad. We are giving him all the Bojangle's biscuits he wants, and plan to keep on doing so for as long as he will eat them.

It is a grace to love something so much that it hurts so much to lose it. It is hell all the same to know that we will soon be without him.

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Eremita said...

I am so sorry.